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DY-T980 Super Touchless Car Tire Changer
  • Main features(full automatic)

    1. Main shaft can move longitudinally with double speed.

    2. Mounting head can be in center automatically.

    3. Bead breaker is centering with the center of main shaft, position can be adjustable.

    4. Tire lifter can rotate the tire automatically.

    5. High strength design of the upper gearbox can ensure the machine to demount stiff tire.

    6. Monitor system is convenient to watch the working process.

    7. Fast air inflating can be operated by two hands, more safe.

    8. Stop on the condition of non-operation automatically, saving electric power.

    9. Imported pump station.

    Motor power--------------- 0.85/1.1KW

    Rim Clamping inside-------------14"-30"

    Max. tire diameter------------- 51”(1300mm)

    Max. tire width----------------- 3”-13”(330mm)

    Working pressure------------8-10bar

    Bead breaker force----------1400kg

    Power supply-----------------100V-415V,50/60HZ


    Package size---------------- 1680*1150*2000mm