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DY-T980B Touchless Car Tire Changer
  • Main features(full automatic)

    1. Electric power system turns off automatically when stop operation. Make safe and stable, high working rate and energy conservation.

    2. Operating system is divided into two parts: cross switch and left and right control switch.

    3. The upper and lower fixed double butterfly wheels can drag tires and press tires, and are fully automated. There is no need to touch the tires and steel rims with hands. With excellent control system, it can truly achieve a man-machine integrated operation experience.

    4. Integration shaft 2.0 ensures long life, no subsequent maintenance required.

    5. Simple structure for tire lifting system, easy operation and high working rate.

    6. Power hydraulic system works together with electric system, provides much longer using life and stable quality than pneumatic system.

    Motor power--------------- 1.1/1.5KW

    Rim Clamping inside-------------12"-30"

    Max. tire diameter------------- 47”(1200mm)

    Max. tire width----------------- 3”-16”(330mm)

    Working pressure------------8-10 bar

    Power supply-----------------100V-415V,50/60HZ