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DY-T950 Car Tire Changer with helper arm
  • Main features

    1. Unique aerodynamic lifting tilting column with pneumatic locking arm.

    2. Pneumatic bead breaker can adjust the separation and expansion of blade angle according to tyre size.

    3. Pedal valve can be demounted as a whole.

    4. Adjustable clamps to 12"-24" and 14”-26”.

    5. Pneumatic helper arm for wide and low-profile tires.

    Motor power--------------- 0.75/1.1/0.55W

    Rim Clamping outside-----------10"-22"(12”-24”)

    Rim Clamping inside-------------12"-24"(14”-26”)

    Max. tire diameter------------- 41”(1040mm)

    Max. tire width----------------- 15”(380mm)

    Working pressure------------8-12bar

    Bead breaker force----------2500kg

    Power supply-----------------110V-415V,50/60HZ


    Package size---------------- 1030*880*910mm+1270*530*420mm