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DY-T940 Car Tire Changer with double arm &air burst
  • Main features( full automatic, two helpers)

    1. Up locking and swing arm , pneumatic locking.

    2. Six-axis guide sleeve extends to 270mm, avoid deformation effectively.

    3. Special steel header of mounting/demounting.

    4. Clamp jaws made by USA 8640 alloy steel, high strength, wear resistant and anti-rust.

    5. External storage tank, fast air inflating device of handheld type.

    6. Special pedal control, double helper arms can be used for wide flat tyre.

    7. With pressure tire lever and wheel lifting device makes easy for flat, low-profile and tough tires.


    Motor power--------------- 0.75/1.1KW/0.55KW

    Rim Clamping outside-----------13"-24"

    Rim Clamping inside-------------15"-28"

    Max. tire diameter------------- 47”(1200mm)

    Max. tire width----------------- 16”(410mm)

    Working pressure------------8-10bar

    Bead breaker force----------2500kg

    Power supply-----------------100V-415V,50/60HZ


    Package size---------------- 1400*1120*1800mm