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DY-T920 Car Tire Changer with simple helper arm
  • Main features

    1. Special steel header of mounting/demounting.

    2. Clamp jaws made by USA 8640 alloy steel.

    3. Integrated demounting and mounting.

    4. Simple pneumatic helper arm, it’s labor-saving during operation.

    5. Adjustable clamp jaws extend to 8”-26”(optional).

    Motor power--------------- 0.75/1.1KW/0.55KW

    Rim Clamping outside-----------10"-21"

    Rim Clamping inside-------------12"-24"

    Max. tire diameter-------------44” (1120mm)

    Max. tire width-----------------14”(360mm)

    Rotating speed ---------------8 r/min

    Working pressure------------8-10bar

    Bead breaker force----------2500kg

    Power supply-----------------100V-415V,50/60HZ


    Package size---------------- 1100*950*950mm