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DY-T990A 14"-26" Truck tire changer
  • Main features:
    1. Automatic tyre changer for large trucks, agricultural vehicle, buses and large-scale construction vehicle.

    2. Movable control platform, convenient for operate and observe.

    3. Operation voltage 24V makes safe and reliable.

    4. The arm with the features of high and low speed rotation and both directions rotation to mounting / demounting all type of tyres.

    5. The tool bracket, lifting arm and clamps are controlled by hydraulic system.

    Max. wheel diameter-----------------------62"(1600mm)

    Wheel clamping from-----------------------14" to 26"

    Max. wheel width----------------------------30"(780mm)

    Max. wheel weight--------------------------500kg

    Hydraulic pump motor--------1.5kw 380V 3Ph (220V optional)

    Spindle motor-------------------1.5kw 380V 3Ph (220V optional)

    Bead breaker force------------------------2500kg 

    Working pressure--------------------------130bar

    Operation control voltage----------------24V

    Net weight-----------------------------------650kg

    Package size-------------------------------- 2030*1600*940mm

    Optional DY-T990B:
    Max. diameter-------- 90"(2300mm)

    Wheel clamping------- 14" to 42"

    Max. wheel width ---- 41"(1050mm)

    Max. wheel weight---- 1600kg

    Optional DY-T990C:
    Max. diameter--------- 98"(2500mm)

    Wheel clamping------- 14" to 56"

    Max. wheel width----- 47"(1200mm)

    Max. wheel weight---- 2000kg